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Beau Crabill Student Does $250K on Amazon FBA!

Beau Crabill Student Does $250K on Amazon FBA!

In this Beau Crabill Review of the Online Retail Mastery Course.  We talk with Matthew who started buying and flipping cell phones on Craigslist.  An entrepreneur non-the less! This ultimately led him to Amazon where he now makes up to $250k a month!

This is just a little excerpt of his experience with Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery course.  Click the video above to see the full interview!

Beau Crabill: How did you get started selling on Amazon?

Matthew: in 2012-2013 I started off buying and flipping cell phones on Craigslist, Facebook groups, and local trade groups. I eventually wound up on Amazon because I was looking for outlets to sell stuff.

Beau Crabill: What were your biggest Challenges?

Matthew: Cash flow! Cash flow looking back on it now there’s like some things I could have done to grow faster. Amazon only pays out every two weeks, so when I was buying nothing but cell phones, I mean cell phones are expensive so you’re dropping $200 to $300 a phone so we don’t when you only have $2 to $3 grand that means you can buy 10 phones and I can sell 10 phones in one day on Amazon easy. But you don’t get your money for two weeks so you got to go around and collect the phones pick them to upsell them and then wait two weeks to get your money so you can do it all again.

Beau Crabill: How have your sales tracked since using a few extra strategies that the online retail mastery course basically gave you?

Matthew: Let’s see well since I bought your course I pretty much doubled my return.  Because of the ideas you gave me within your course.

Beau Crabill: What would you say to people who are I guess are like skeptical?
M: Do you know anyone who does it personally? If the answer to that is no then you don’t know what your target honestly I don’t want to be rude, but that’s the truth! This IS a legitimate business!

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