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Beau Crabill – Review with Hayden and Joe

Beau Crabill – Review with Hayden and Joe

At Beau Crabill’s Online Mastery Course, we are happy to see our students grow their Amazon retail business. Hayden and Joe are a great source of inspiration for many. You will see in this interview how they started and how they took the leap!

Beau Crabill’s first question for Hayden: Did you first get into selling on this Amazon business model or did you try something before that at all?

Hayden: No, I had I always thought about actually selling on Amazon for probably four years.

Beau Crabill: How long did it take to get your first product?

Hayden: I’d say it took about a month to find our suppliers and then two weeks to find a product.

Beau Crabill: How did you guys deal with becoming “Ungated”?

Note: Ungating is the process of being authorized by Amazon to sell products/brands. Read our article: How to Get Ungated in Any Single Brand on Amazon

Joe: We tried to get ungated in Microsoft as our first product and that didn’t work. So we bought that one first product to test the waters. it was an ordeal to get sales in our account and right after we got that first product.  We tried again in Microsoft and then after we got in with Microsoft, that led to Sony, Nintendo, and a few others

Beau Crabill: What’s the number one struggle you have for your business so far?

Joe: keeping inventory in stocks and we’ll just go back and forth you say one, I’ll say one.

Hayden: Yeah, logistics. As long as we have a couple really really fast movers so our capital is decent. One of the main problems literally, the suppliers.  The one we built such good relationships with.  They have so many products that we want but we honestly just don’t have enough money. So you know, keeping the stuff that we have in stock!

Beau Crabill: From February to June what has been your best 30 days in sales on Amazon?

H+J: $103,000 and then we ran out of stock. We ran out of stock!  It would have been $160,000 if we didn’t.

Beau Crabill: What are the best categories you’re selling?

Hayden: Video games, sports and outdoors, and electronics or our main categories right now.

Beau Crabill: Where would you want Amazon business to be in about a year?

H+J: $5-6 Million!

Did you enjoy this review on Beau Crabill’s Online Retail Mastery Course?  These students have made leaps and bounds and have had struggles, yes, but more success.

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