Amazon FBA University Beau Crabill

The Amazon FBA University That Actually Works with Beau Crabill

Amazon FBA Changed The Game in Online Retail!

Amazon FBA does include a bit more work than “hanging out your shingle” and having visitors flock to your store handing over their hard-earned cash.

The Amazon FBA University From Beau Crabill!

A bit about Beau:

Beau has a presence in the online retail space since his adolescence, getting his first taste of it by purchasing and reselling Nike socks to his friends at school. It’s a bit more complex, Beau actually took popular socks and with his entrepreneurial spirit, dyed them in more colors than Nike was offering at that time and voila. They sold like hot cakes!

He saw the potential of buying low from suppliers and selling higher to the market. That’s just ONE of the key points you’ll learn in the Amazon FBA University from Beau Crabill!

Why learn online retail from Beau?

Beau is a big fan of the retail model.

Here’s why

You’re getting others to do the majority of the work. Walmart will purchase products that people buy and place them conveniently in their stores throughout the country.

But you might be thinking, “That sounds great – but not everyone has the money to start a retail store like Walmart.”

Well, you’re right. And you’re wrong.

You see, Walmart has to pay for a LOT of expenses and infrastructure to make their business profitable.

Employees, warehouse, customer service, delivery… and not to mention the actual cost of the products…

BUT, that’s the beauty of starting an Amazon FBA business online.

There’s NO warehouse, NO employees, NO customer service costs…

All of this is taken care of by Amazon FBA!

Sifting your way through this web of services can be daunting and will no doubt take you weeks, maybe even months to learn on your own…

After his massive success, Beau simply wants others to learn the RIGHT WAY to go about selling online using Amazon FBA!

Now it’s your turn, as he’s just opened up more spots in the Amazon FBA University with Beau Crabill!

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