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Benefits of Amazon FBA University Beau Crabill

Let me ask you a question: Have you heard of Amazon FBA? It simply means you have an online retail store and the fulfillment of shipping products is done by Amazon. So all you really have to do is learn the selling side and watch the money roll in right?

Well, let me ask you ANOTHER  question.

If you wanted to learn about football who would you go to?

Would you go to someone who’s had a tiny amount of success and therefore has labeled himself or herself a guru?


Would you go to someone who’s been in the game for years? Someone who’s won big, but also learned the valuable lessons and wants to share them with you.

Well, any sane person would tell you the latter!

Now if you like doing crazy and foolish things, then by all means, go find the first person you can who’ll pump misinformation into your brain and business.

However, if you want the steady hand of a wily veteran who’s seen it all, you might be interested in The Amazon FBA University with Beau Crabill

This revolutionary program takes the over 10 years of success Beau has had and packages it nicely so you can learn the right steps while avoiding the painful ones!

But who is Beau Crabill??

Well, I’d like to share a bit of his story. After you read this, you can decide for yourself if he’s the right fit to coach you to success…

When Beau was in the 8th grade Nike came out with some new socks called “Nike Elite Socks”.

These socks cost $12 a pair but that did not stop anyone from buying them.

People loved these socks and wanted as many as possible, but there was one problem – there were only 4 colors available…

Beau, as a natural entrepreneur, saw the demand and had an amazing idea…

“What if I dyed these white and black socks into different colors and sold them?”

It seemed like a great idea, so he went ahead and bought 6 pairs of Nike Elite socks and some dye (with money he saved up picking up dog poop from his neighbors’ yard!)

The next day, he went to school and sold ALL 6 PAIRS FOR $25!

That’s $150!

All kids at school went crazy over these! And he made $1,200 before the principal told me I had to stop selling on school grounds.

And this is what got him into selling products online…

Since then, Beau has found success selling many different items and brands including:

  • Beats By Dre
  • Apple
  • Nike
  • And More!

So, think the Amazon FBA University with Beau Crabill might be the right fit?

We think so!

Head on over to this page to learn more about this exciting offer!

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